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My Strategy For Reaching My School


All or Nothing is a blog focused on exhorting a generation to live out biblical Christianity. 

My Strategy For Reaching My School

Luke LeFevre

           School is now in session, whether that means high school or college. “School is your mission field!” everyone has heard that one before. We even often enter school with a mission mindset. We come in ready to reach our school for Christ. Our comfort zones have been set aside and we are determined to be a light in our spheres.

           Slowly, as our human emotions become muted and our passion wanes, the people at our schools can slowly become something we try to escape instead of something we are fighting to engage. Our hearts become numbed towards the lost. We may even come in at the beginning of the day ready to share the gospel and pray for the sick, then somehow we forget as the day rolls on.

            So what’s the remedy? I believe the thing that is of primary importance is being in tune with the Holy Spirit and abiding with Christ throughout the day. That’s something easier said than done.

            God is always speaking, it’s just a matter of whether or not we’re listening. The Holy Spirit knows what people need and how to meet those needs far better than we ever could, so if we want to have the greatest possible impact He is the one who should be making all of the calls.

            On a practical standpoint, make time to pray for your school. Don’t try to “find time,” because you never will. You have to make time. The best way to keep your heart tender and passionate about the lost is to pray for them. And pray for them by name. Your heart will always attach itself to the object of your prayers.

Your heart will always attach itself to the object of your prayers.

            Though we have heard it a thousand times, it is absolutely true that we are on a mission. We have to have that mindset, but we also have to avoid seeing people as checklists. I have to guard against making the gospel about meeting a quota. “I shared the gospel today, I met my quota of one person per-day, cool.”

            Jesus Christ came to reveal the Father. That should also be our mission. When we share the gospel or pray for the sick, we are revealing the love of the Father towards that person. The Father longs for his children to come to Him, just as the father of the prodigal son longed for the return and reconciliation of his child.

            So what is my strategy for reaching my school? This year, I have decided to arrive at school at least 15 minutes early everyday. Instead of spending time praying for my school in the mornings before I leave, I’m going to arrive early and sit in my car and pray for revival to be unleashed on my campus. I’m going to pray for the lost by name and pray that the Holy Spirit would work through me, that my hands would be His hands and that I would speak what the Father is speaking. This way, there is no time gap between my prayer and my mission field. I step onto my campus prayed up and engaged.

            You can choose whether you want to adopt that strategy or not, whatever you think would work best for you. But I want to step out of my car ready to hit the ground running every day. I want to be clothed in the power of the Spirit and consumed by the love of my Father.

             We see the world how we see ourselves. When we become aware of the Father’s perfect love towards us, we begin to see others as objects of that same passionate love. But if we remain unaware, we will also be unaware of His love for those around us.         

We see the world how we see ourselves.

              I can try to convey urgency and stir up our emotions for the importance of sharing the gospel, but I truly believe that until we encounter the powerful love of God towards us and we experience the depth of His love for us, we will never see those around us as He sees them.