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Fight For Your Destiny


All or Nothing is a blog focused on exhorting a generation to live out biblical Christianity. 

Fight For Your Destiny

Luke LeFevre

          You were born on purpose and for a purpose. The era of history into which you were born was no mere coincidence or result of chance. You were designed with this moment in history on God’s mind. Destiny is not some whimsical, mythical idea. The reason the ideas of destiny and purpose make the heart pound and the adrenaline flow is because they exist and are meant to be realized.

            Your destiny is not something that exists separate from you, but it is something that makes up the very blueprint of your DNA. Destiny is why you are who you are. If you read my article on purpose, you know that we must guard against making our dreams into our purpose. Our purpose will always be to glorify God, but we have a divine destiny we are called to realize. A destiny motivated by our dreams for the purpose of making famous the name of Jesus.

            There are two extremes when it comes to people’s perspective on destiny. Both should be avoided.

Extreme #1: Destiny Is A Myth.

            In today’s postmodern world, the ideas of destiny and purpose are under attack. To many, the idea of destiny seems unrealistic or even childish. It seems to be something from a fairytale, a false hope for the immature. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

            The human race longs for meaning. Some people spend their entire lives searching for meaning. If destiny didn’t exist, we would have no reason to long for it. We wouldn’t miss it. We wouldn’t even know that there was anything to miss! So the longing of the human soul for purpose is evidence in itself that purpose exists.

            It’s not actually possible for humanity to function without the existence of meaning. When meaning is abandoned, hope and love and goodness are also abandoned.

            Many of the people that I see haven’t actually gone fully to this extreme, but they are beginning to lean towards it. The majority of people that I notice have simply let their dreams die because of past disappointments and the struggles of life have caused them to believe that dreams and destiny are impractical.

Extreme #2: Destiny Means Fame And Fortune

             This extreme also has a fairytale type mindset that comes with it. In today’s American culture, destiny has connotations of fame and fortune. That’s not biblical destiny. Biblical destiny isn’t about meeting the rich prince and having him take you to a plush palace where you live in comfort as you are adored by your subjects.

              I think I good definition of destiny is simply this: living to your potential. Destiny is about being all that God created you to be and doing all that He created you to do. The key to this is the fact that our potential, through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, is far greater than we know.

Destiny is about living to your potential.

              The reason I think that many stop pursuing their destiny is they have believed the lie that they have hit their limit. They think their potential has been completely tapped. Humanly speaking, that may actually be the case. We only have so far we can go in our own abilities, eventually we will hit our peak. But through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the only thing that limits our potential is the amount we limit God’s work in and through our lives.

The only thing that limits our potential is the amount we limit God’s work in and through our lives.

                I think the fact that I’m young and untarnished gives me a different perspective than the war-torn veterans. I haven’t had the disappointments and the struggles yet, though I’m sure they will come. Some may read this and think that I’m naïve, but I think being unrealistic is a good thing sometimes. Jon Acuff puts it like this: “You have to be brutally realistic about your present circumstances and wildly unrealistic about your future circumstances.” The Devil wants nothing more than for you to leave your destiny untapped and unrealized. God’s plan is actualized when our destinies are realized.

God’s plan is actualized when our destinies are realized.

                So don’t stop dreaming. Maybe you have dreams that need to be taken back down from the shelf or maybe you’re still finding out what your dreams are. Whatever the case may be, fight for your destiny. The Enemy will do anything he can to water down your passion and lessen your enthusiasm. If you think the Enemy doesn’t have a plan to try and sabotage your destiny and purpose in Christ, think again.

                 The truth is, the Enemy knows your destiny better than you do, that’s why he wants to stop it. He will try to introduce idols into your life that will steal your passion and divide your heart. Fight for an undivided heart and go to war against anything and everything that would steal your passion, because your destiny is too important to live otherwise.


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